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M. Kay duPont is a top business writer, workshop leader and writing partner
for speakers, writers, advertising agencies, small publishers
 and Fortune 500 companies.
A writing partner is ideal
if you want to:
  • Share your message or expertise but aren’t sure where to start
  • Expedite the writing process so it takes months, not years
  • Improve your ability to craft error-proof text
  • Create attention-grabbing titles, taglines and content
  • Build a book (or marketing piece or website) that produces buzz
  • Become a published expert
  • Catapult your income by developing profitable, high ROI books, articles, marketing pieces and websites
Kay will train you to write with impact or write a winning
document or manuscript for you!
 Give us a call, or Request a proposal,
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M. Kay duPont is author of the acclaimed writing style guide, Writing for Big Results, January 2008,as well as three other business books and a historical novel.  She currently serves as editor of the National Speakers Association-Georgia newsletter, and as external editor for many of Georgia's top corporations and some of the finest speakers in the US.

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Protect Your Investment:
You've invested a lot of time, energy and money having your new brochure, advertising piece, newsletter, website or marketing pieces designed and written. 
Or maybe you've worked for years on your masterpiece—a book to change the world.  You're about to invest even more to have it printed or shown to the public or publisher.

Isn't it worth another small investment to make sure your materials are written correctly and in a way that appeals to readers and publishers? 

Kay is not expensive, and she works at twice the speed of many other editors and proofreaders. Because of Kay's extensive knowledge of our language and the thousands of Business Writing, Proofreading, and Newsletter Writing workshops she has delivered to organizations across the country, Kay is up to date on grammar, style, punctuation and usage. She is also current on reader preferences—what people will react positively to and what will catch their eye.

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We help you take your written project from where it is to where you want it to be!




Kay has 30 years’ experience with writing, layout and design of fiction and nonfiction
books, websites, shell
letters, marketing materials, training aids, leader’s guides,
proposals, brochures and more!

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