To rehash my AP History teacher’s politically incorrect comment, “I will make this about page like a woman’s dress. Long enough to cover the topic, and short enough to keep your interest.” I think it sticks with me because it was such a horrible and brilliant statement.

That is what great writing ideas do. They stick with you, so you think about how horrible it is that you did not know what to say. Then you realize how much smarter you would be to follow those directions.

I started writing Your Writing Partner just a few months ago. However, the book was nine years in the making. I based it on my experiences as a blogger, digital marketer, and copywriter. In the book, I think about the horrible ways that I wrote in the past, and give you some strategies to avoid those mistakes.

At the same point, the book is a bit of a passion project for me. Something I could write about that no client could tell me worked or did not. I love freelancing, but sometimes you just have to write content for yourself. Spill it all on the page, and hope others connect.

I hope you connect with the content I wrote. If one writer got the value I received from others over the past decade from this profession, then I know I did well. In essence, I want to be Your Writing Partner now and in the future.


Andy Nathan
Your Writing Partner